About Us

Babs Botanicals was created during a time when we were locked down in our homes during uncertain times. We were forced to work from home, school from home, teach from home. All the while still living at home. Being indoors for so much time is not healthy for anyone.

Mental health has now become a focus for many people during this pandemic. Suffering from anxiety and depression myself, I found that my houseplants were a way to help me cope. Watering and grooming my houseplants gave me a sense of calm and helped to soothe my stress.

It is our mission at Babs Botanicals to help our customers create more calming, soothing spaces in their homes and offices by providing quality houseplants and accessories delivered to their door.

Home is supposed to be your family’s sanctuary. With the added stressors of working and schooling from home it feels like this has been stolen away. We can help you take your home back by giving you the ability to reduce stress, anxiety and improve your family’s overall mood by providing quality houseplants and accessories.


Coming from a customer service background I can assure you that your best interest is our highest priority. When you do business with Babs Botanicals, you are doing business with a family – not a corporation.